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NEOS: An Innovative Approach to Vitiligo Therapy

NEOS: An Innovative Approach to Vitiligo Therapy

Vitiligo, a condition characterized by loss of skin pigmentation in certain areas of the body, is considered an enigmatic autoimmune disease. With causes still not fully discovered, vitiligo represents a significant challenge in the medical world. At NEOS, we are dedicated to exploring the therapeutic potential of essential oils in the treatment of this condition.

**🌿 The Role of Essential Oils in Vitiligo Treatment**
In the NEOS laboratory, we have developed essential oil blends with properties that can stimulate melanin production and contribute to skin repigmentation. Key ingredients include frankincense, lavender, mandarin, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver and sandalwood, each with its own specific role in vitiligo therapy.

**🔍 Analysis of Causes and Contributing Factors**
We understand that vitiligo can be influenced by multiple factors, including genetic predisposition, stress, trauma, and sun exposure. Therefore, the NEOS approach includes a thorough assessment of each patient's personal history and environmental factors. 

**🌀 NEOS Holistic Therapy**
The free private consultations offered by NEOS allow the creation of a personalized treatment plan, which targets not only the physical symptoms, but also the emotional and psychological aspects of the disease. This includes purification of the neurovegetative system and stimulation of immunity.

**✨ Self-Healing: A Key Aspect in Vitiligo Therapy**
At NEOS, we believe in the power of self-healing, supported and amplified by the properties of essential oils. Through our mixtures, we aim to offer patients not only physical treatments, but also the necessary support for lasting healing, from the inside out.

**🌟 Complex Vitiligo Treatment**
Our therapy for vitiligo includes specific steps: stopping the spread of the spots, repigmenting the skin and using oils with photosensitizing effect to stimulate melanocyte activity. All this is part of a complex process, customized for each patient's needs.

**Join the NEOS community and start your journey to healthy and balanced skin.**

We invite you to discover our unique approach to vitiligo therapy and experience the power of healing through nature.





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