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The passion for homemade creams was born as follows: as a young woman, I was very interested in skin care in a period of time when the skin care market was very underdeveloped and the good creams were made following recipes that only a few renowned pharmacists knew. The lady working in the pharmacy around the corner, who had by the way a gorgeous complexion, though she was almost retired, has been the one who shared with me some of the secrets of this profession. I have prepared all by myself some formulas, sharing some small pots with my friends or acquaintances, gathering up opinions, taking out or adding ingredients, reformulating them. Everything has been thoroughly noted in a notebook that became a real book of hours…

But the years of an overwhelming diversity came along, bringing up the illusion of the creams brought from abroad, nicely wrapped and promising an almost eternal youth. The times and the changes after ’89 have put aside my passion for 25 years until I felt as many others that during a period of full technological swing and never seen before development of science the inconveniences have surpassed the benefits and the soul just needed to go back to the simple, natural, healing things, to a product that has been carefully handmade. And due to some personal issues (health and family issues), I went back to my old passion, making the choice to follow my heart along with a team of professionals. 

I strongly believe that this has been the way to find my true self and the harmony of the whole being that I intend to preserve. Today, I’m giving you this to you too through the Neos fresh creams and essential oils. When actually making something with your own bare hands and believing as I do in the healing power of nature, it’s practically impossible not to insert some molecules of good feeling in each box or each bottle…

Please receive the gift of my belief, with all my love



We are holistically relating to the women’s natural gift. Meanwhile, they are looking for products to meet their sensitivities, to resonate with the steps of their continuous becoming, to bring them into a state of grace and understanding of profound meanings.
That is why we don’t intend to fight time, but to improve the secondary effects of aging. The point is to look at your best at any age. Glowing, bright and serene only through the healing power of nature.
The keystone of our formulas is represented by the essential oils. The other ingredients are organic, the preparation is being handmade and we don’t use preservatives. The freshness is ensured by the wrapping in isothermal boxes of small weight. Less is better. Every single day.
And as the whole philosophy of this concept- an absolute first on the Romanian market- is based on the smart management of time, we have also make use of one of Aristotle’s ideas: we are what we repeatedly do.  The success is not about a radical action, but is mainly about habits. 


Products that have no chemical ingredients, no synthetic additives, no allergens, nor other ingredient that comes from sources being genetically modified.
Products that aren’t tested on animals
Products that are being prepared impeccable conditions and with pharmaceutical rigor
Products that are up to date to the latest scientific research dedicated to natural resources.
Ecological/ organic certified products.

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