NEOS OILS THERAPIES in Romania now open. Shipping cut from 45 to 5 EUR for Romania.
  1. Dear NEOS Community,
    I also want to write you a few lines:I started my foray into NEOS essential oil therapies by purchasing AKNEL. I fell in love with Aknel from the first use. My dry skin became bright and firm, fine lines of wrinkles disappeared as if by magic. Then, I told myself that I should also try the personalized therapies, which helped me get rid of the bone pain, then a few kilograms, then I started to feel better and better. Neos therapies are made with love and are synonymous with quality and purity, offering a revitalizing and invigorating experience for body and mind. I felt therapeutic and relaxing benefits for the whole body. The plus of harmony and the variety of their beneficial properties felt on my body, led me to introduce them to the English market.I warmly recommend these wonderful therapies to my patients and the results are amazing!!!! Thank you dear Mrs. Nela Ignatenko on behalf of myself, my clients and patients for the wonderful oasis of divine therapies with NEOS oils.With warmth and confidence, I recommend NEOS therapies for a natural and revitalizing care experience. Formulated with care, love and dedication, extracted from natural sources, NEOS oils confer therapeutic, relaxing and healing benefits for body and mind. Regardless of whether you want to de-stress, cure ailments for which you have not found a solution, improve your mood or simply take care of your skin, NEOS Therapies are the perfect choice to bring a touch of harmony, vibrant health and balance in your everyday life."With love to the entire NEOS community, Margareta, therapist in England.

  2. Good day, dear NEOS Community,
    My name is Cristina, and I want to share my story with you. I was born in Romania, a beautiful and religious country with many people faithful to God, spiritual because people's souls are closer to God through the power of prayer. I am settled in the Czech Republic, a country that has offered me a home, the peace, and harmony I was searching for deep within my empty and barren soul. Each of us remembers our childhood, but unfortunately, not all of us can envision that period of life when we felt protected, safe, and loved, regardless of what was happening around us. With a neglectful and cold mother and an alcoholic and aggressive father who did not take care of my education and development, I can unfortunately say my childhood was traumatized, marking me with various fears, self-doubt, and potential, a blurry image of myself deeply imprinting on my psychological, emotional, and physical development affecting my relationships with those around me and sometimes pushing me towards isolation. Other times, states of fear, sadness, guilt, worry, stress accelerated my insomnia and affected socializing with my close friends. My experience with Neos and private therapies with Mrs. Nela Ignatenko has significantly changed the course of my life, offering me support in addressing childhood issues, the safety to discuss openly, to accept, and the power to heal and control various negative thoughts and emotions. I recommend using Neos essential oil therapies and private consultations because they personally brought me benefits, are more effective than antibiotics, and have the capacity to support healing a long list of conditions. I have been using Neos therapies for 8 months, and the result is amazing and magical. The concept of fear or anxiety has significantly disappeared using the oil FEAR, as well as COURAGE, EMOTIONAL BALANCE, and DIVINE JOY, have restored my harmony and balance as well as the smile on my lips. Neos offers a wide range of cosmetics that, in my opinion, contain the force of life, because through inhalation they act on an emotional level capable of influencing intracellular brain activity through massage and raising the vibrational frequency of the human body. It is important for those who have experienced childhood traumas to know that their past experiences should not define the rest of their lives. Therefore, I highly and sincerely recommend private therapies and the oils recommended by Mrs. Nela Ignatenko. Thank you, Neos Cosmetics and Mrs. Nela Ignatenko. – Cristina, Romania

  3. I too come with my gratitude for all the positive changes that have occurred in my life since I entered the world of essential oils and learned about all aspects of NEOS's personalized therapies. From the very beginning, I resonated with everything I heard, and I thank Mrs. Nela Ignatenko for the effort put into sharing what you know.I've realized how important it is to understand things beyond what they seem to be.My vision of life and the world has radically changed thanks to you and all the information and tools offered in the courses and beyond. I now feel that I can face any events that come my way in this earthly life and perceive it as such. Always grateful because I know your wing is above me, you have a big heart, and it can encompass much love.With gratitude, Lavinia George, Therapist, Herculane Health Complex, Romania.

  4. I am still fascinated by studying nature and what happens in plants. And no matter how hard we try, with all human tools, we will never fully understand everything. It is impossible to place the Divine in a test tube or under a microscope. Man has always tried to imitate God and His creation. All evolution and development are seen and manifest not when the sun is out and unicorns are flying, but when there is a storm, thunder, lightning, sparking, and you manage to face it and dance.

    This is the true psychic and soulful power when amid global psychosis, but you can remain sane without hiding, without ignoring the reality around you. It's one thing to be included in reality and another to be engulfed in psychosis.

    Expanding consciousness and evolution require practice! Practice takes place "in the field," meaning in real life, through the events that life brings you.

    Evolution is seen and manifested in changing your way of reacting and acting towards STORMS and CHALLENGES that arise, not towards rainbows! And you may need to practically go through hundreds of storms, practically, before you truly train, something like my mother's life who had to support my father being sick, and on top of that, very stubborn. She had days and nights of maximum agitation, couldn't sleep, was always upset and mentally tired. Following treatment with NEOS oils, she regained her smile, I see her laughing so heartily daily, it's contagious... I laugh with her. She sleeps very well and is relaxed.

    All I can say is that since you appeared in my family's life, you managed to bring healing, harmony, and many Blessings.

    Thank you for everything. May God Bless you, Mrs. Nela, and all your loved ones.

    Lavinia George, Therapist, Herculane Health Complex, Romania

  5. From the true stories of the NEOS community:"Good day Mrs. Nela Ignatenko,We attended the online meeting about 'How to protect ourselves from viruses and diseases naturally'

  6. We are interested in your therapies.We are from Brasov but have been living in Montreal for 8 years.Our daughter Maria Victoria was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.She is four and a half years old and was born in Canada.Currently, she cannot speak, walk, and has digestive problems (food intolerances, constipation, diarrhea).We are battling intolerances to gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, rice, corn, potatoes.She cannot assimilate nutrients from food and does not gain weight. For 2 years, we have been collaborating with a homeopath and trying various protocols.So far, we have not managed to overcome it, it is still not okay.Please kindly schedule us for an evaluation session. Thank you Anca and Mircea Alaman!" In the following days, the family of Anca and Mircea Alaman were contacted by Mrs. Nela Ignatenko.The therapy for the little girl then made its way to Montreal.Shortly after, the family of Anca and Mircea Alaman received the therapy and instructions for use.At every zoom session conducted by NEOS, the family of Anca and Mircea Alaman were invited.Personalized therapies are closely monitored and adjusted as the rehabilitation progresses and as the children age! A few months later, Mrs. Anca sent the following message to Mrs. Ignatenko:"Thank you for your kind thoughts.We are indeed facing a difficult time that we need to overcome.The building we lived in caught fire, and we had to leave on New Year's Eve night with only what we had on us. Unfortunately, all of Maria's therapies were left there.The good part is that our apartment did not catch fire but is affected by smoke. We cannot enter the building until it is refurbished.Thank God we are healthy and together!We hope things will get sorted out and be okay."  A series of supportive and encouraging messages followed from the NEOS team, and today, the family of Anca and Mircea Alaman sent the following message:
  7. "Good day, we have not managed to return to our apartment yet, but we had the chance to enter and take some things to stay and wait for the necessary repairs. Our apartment and belongings were not affected by the fire but were affected by smoke. That's why we have to wait for the cleaning and ensuring safety.

    What I want to say is that we managed to recover the essential oil therapies and bought new diffusers and are continuing Maria's therapy.Even though we took a break, changes and results are visible in Maria!!!

    I was asked what we are doing, everything has changed, and I talked about your therapy with oils.I will share some ideas in the community here and on Facebook. I will leave your link, and surely new families will contact you."I ask you, dear friends, what joy could be greater than receiving such messages?I thought occasionally to share with you, my dear community, the messages I receive!May all my thoughts of love, compassion, and my help reach all my fellow beings who need support in healing.

    "The true healer does not heal you but helps you to heal yourself"

    Nela Ignatenko

  8. "How I Coped With My Son Darius' Aggressive Cold!
    A week ago, I was faced with an unexpected situation: my son developed a high fever, almost 40. My concern increased when the doctor recommended that we get both a flu and a COVID-19 test. The initial test result was inconclusive, but within just 15 minutes, the presence of the virus was confirmed.
    Without being overwhelmed by fear, I took immediate action. In addition to the treatment recommended by the doctor, in treating this aggressive or viral cold, as I chose to call it, I used Neos therapies with prevention and healing oils.
    We have integrated various Neos products into our therapeutic regimen, such as Triple A Fever Oil (Antiviral, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial), Triple A Cough Oil, Antiviral Oil, Triple A Immunity Oil, Tonsillitis and Ganglion Massage Oil, as well as sinus and red throat oil, along with children's acne and baby vitality massage oil.
    The evening routine included a foot bath with hot water, baking soda and salt, accompanied by a few drops of antiviral oil. A gentle foot massage with Triple A Immunity Oil completes this therapy.
    After only 3 days, my son's fever was gone, the lymph nodes were no longer swollen, and the cough had become almost imperceptible.
    Not only have Neos therapies had a significant impact on my son's physical health, but also on our mental and energetic state.
    I am currently dealing with a cold as well, but I have started the same therapy and feel a significant improvement.
    Neos prevention and cure therapies have proven to be undoubtedly brilliant in managing this delicate situation. We feel grateful for the support we received and that our health was restored quickly and efficiently.
    With this experience in mind, I highly recommend Neos therapies to anyone looking for effective and natural solutions in managing their health condition. Thank you Neos for their innovative products and for making us truly feel that our health is a priority."
    Message from the mother of a fairy tale boy named Darius

  9. "Good evening, I want to tell you about Ioana's evolution during the two stages of Neos oil therapy.
    First of all, I want to make the following remark, the moment of starting the first stage of the therapy was a very desperate one, because, at that time, Ioana had fits of anger daily or several times a day, in addition to other types of inappropriate behavior. After the first stage of the therapy, an improvement was seen in the states of anger and hitting, verbalization and understanding were more present, but after the second stage, there was something spectacular related to speech, Ioana's presence in certain activities, as well as the significant reduction of crises. To better understand, why she used to have seizures daily or several times a day, they are now once a week, she is more active at school and manages to stay the whole program most of the time. Thank you for everything. A nice evening!"
    The message of Mrs. Alina, Ioana's mother who is facing autism syndrome.

  10. "More than half a year ago, I started this journey together with Mrs. NELA, founder of NEOS - essential oil therapies, and Mrs. Anca, another angel, meant to guide both me as a parent and Aaron, our miracle now for 3 years in this ,, struggle full of trials, obstacles overcome day by day with great diligence, patience but also many smiles and joy and with many results. I started this holistic experience more out of curiosity, but at the same time with an open heart and filled with emotions, I stepped on this wonderful path. Aaron is a cheerful and energetic child, but before his inability to express himself, to be aware of what was happening around him, to understand his own emotions made everything more difficult both for us as parents, not being in the degree of being able to help him where he needed it, the frustration when we were not able to understand his needs and especially his frustration, the crying and emotional crises. Slowly and surely, with the support of therapies and the personalized NEOS protocol, Aaron made and is making progress every day. I can say with certainty that the synergy between this holistic process and the therapies has accelerated the process of being more receptive to everything around, being able to express his wishes and needs, he is always cheerful and active, his immunity has increased. As any parent who wants the well-being of children and even personal well-being deserves to try these wonderful explosions of magical essences!!!" The testimony of Mrs. Plaiesu from Brașov" 

  11. I would like to share with you what this synergistic mixture DIVINE LOVE means to me, but first of all I would like to say that Love has several meanings; from the love for the family, for those close to you to the love for those who hurt you or want to knock you down... although it sounds absurd: How to love the one who steps on your feet?
    May! It really is possible!
    The moment I inspired this synergistic mixture of DIVINE LOVE, it was a confirmation for me! I understood what DIVINE LOVE means!
    As the Lord Jesus went through so many trials: distrust, was sold, was humiliated, was whipped and then crucified, He did not fight back, because He is LOVE!
    For me, I apply this synergistic DIVINE LOVE mixture created in the Neos laboratory to my wrists and in the diffuser.
    I consider it a protection against the bad and I think it also gave me wisdom!
    Thank you NEOS" , Anca from Bruxelles

  12. "In the labyrinth of my heart, the searches found unexpected answers when I met my soul with God.
    It was as if divine light had pierced every dark corner of my existence, bringing with it a disturbing reality - the discovery of love.
    It was a moment of revelation, when I felt that I was not only discovering God, but that, through Him, I was learning the true essence of love.
    Love, as I understood it then, was not just a feeling, but a presence that permeated every fiber of my being.
    In my search for God, I found myself on a journey that revealed to me the truth that love is his essence.
    In every step towards the divine, in every moment of contemplation of the sacred, I found answers to my deepest questions about the period I was going through and the meaning of existence.
    Thus, the moment I met God, I also found love at the same time. It was as if we had discovered, together, the secrets of a deeper reality, a connection that transcended the boundaries of time and space.
    And now, every beat of my heart, every breath, is a living reminder of that revelation - that God and love are inseparable, and that in the search for the divine, we always find the pure essence of love.
    DIVINE love healed me, defended me, gave me the strength to go on!" ,Nela IGNATENKO about the NEOS synergic mixt DIVINE JOY 

  13. "A few years ago I discovered that Alexia has a rare syndrome and a unique form in Romania (according to the Italian doctor) the Zapella form.
    To understand Rett syndrome means that you can't talk, it means that you can lose your child at any time, it means in many cases that you can't walk, you can't use your hands, prolonged qt of the heart, epilepsy, intestinal dysbiosis...severe damage of all functions.
    Our princess walks, uses her hands, cognitively she is fine, she does not have epilepsy or prolonged QT of the heart, but there were many hours of therapy and I was making her intervention plans.
    He was facing severe intestinal dysbiosis, scoliosis, aggressiveness and heteroaggressiveness, he cried a lot, the quality of his sleep was not good.
    A year ago, when he woke up, the first thing he did was hit us, cry, scratch us... the aggression was very high
    Many times the husband took her to school and was called to pick her up.
    In therapy, the moments of aggression were sometimes very high.
    When we went out to the store there were times when she would start crying and screaming.
    He was in a lot of pain from the dysbiosis and I tried so many treatments that he was loathe to take them anymore
    We were desperate, the way we had done everything in our power.
    One day in a conversation with a mother, she told me about NEOS oils. I admit that I was very skeptical at first, but in my desperation I said it was worth a try!
    I started with AKNEL oil and in 6 days Alexia's aggressiveness disappeared ... yes, it disappeared completely, something that made me contact Ms. Nela and move on.
    When we spoke on the phone, she was so sure of what she was saying that at first I was scared and I wrote to her that many people said that she could help Alexia and I was delusional, only to later see that she was not so
    I started with fear, but in my soul there was always hope, optimism, desire, love and trust in God!
    I sometimes daydreamed of hearing my child speak again and be cheerful as she once was.
    So I started the therapies with NEOS oils, and the results started to appear!
    At that moment it was as if I came to life.... To see my child again cheerful, smiling, placed on the "husband", present, looking for our company and receiving all our love .... it was as if it was a dream .... soon I realized that it was not a dream but I realized that we must be fine.
    So, dear parents, don't neglect yourselves... first of all, you have to be well to help your child.
    Now Alexia no longer faces dysbiosis, her coordination is better, she is present in activities, she laughs, she spends a lot of time with us, she says new words, she is no longer aggressive

    I know that maybe for some they are normal things, but for us, because we waited so many years (she turns 17 this year), they are divine miracles.
    Seeing all these things, I wanted to pass the word on to other parents and I brought these divine gifts to Brașov.
    Yes, we still have work to do and there is still time until she can speak like us, until she can become an independent adult and until Mrs. Nela plays at her wedding (as she said 💕💐), but our optimism is very high !
    I can only thank the Divinity for the path that opened it for me, Mrs. Nela for what she did and is doing for Alexia, and Andreea for telling me about these oils!
    Thank you thank you thank you
    With love and hope!
    Also, Alexia's mother want to share with you the wonderful experience I had with "Divine Love" essential oil. For me, this oil was not just a simple product, but a true journey to healing and fulfillment. Anca Manciu from Brasov
  14. Alexia and I use "DIVINE JOY" daily. Both me and alexia have a wonderful day! She is cheerful and I am very calm;I felt that I was closer to DIVINITY, clarity in ideas and decisions, calmness, protection; I feel now that I can overcome everything that may come...and the most important thing...when something happens or there is an unforeseen situation, I no longer think negatively, but close my eyes, calm down and think positively, analyze and find a solution. Anca Manciu from Brasov 
  15. Divine love, symbolized by this essential oil blend, brought me back to life and filled my heart with joy. It became my guide, guiding my senses and instincts to become stronger in the face of life's challenges. It brought tranquility and peace of mind, and communication and collaboration became extremely harmonious, both for me and for my young son. I want to add that this oil, not only brought me joy and harmony in life, but also showed me the path of self-love. Through him, I learned to truly appreciate the things that have real value in my life. It was able to give me inner peace and reduce anxiety, balancing the negative factors and gently turning them into positives. It is remarkable that through this oil, not only did it bring balance back into your life, but it managed to diminish your volcanic and explosive nature. It supported me in the process of analysis before expressing your thoughts. This is a significant and beneficial transformation in my life Thank you! Corina-Elena from Brasov 
  16. "It all started one day during the therapy of Darius, my child, when Mrs. Anca told me about these miraculous essential oil therapies and the story of her experience with NEOS, and I didn't think twice, I asked for the phone number and with an open heart I knew it would give results!
    I wrote to you and you immediately replied, I was excited and told you my story! and immediately you came with an answer, an answer that I was waiting for a long time that everything will be fine!! But I really felt from the beginning in your voice that are you sure you can help me! I ordered personalized NEOS therapies for me, my child and my husband, since these oils came to my house, things are slowly changing, at least for me and my child, I really see major changes for the better, and for my husband some change! Darius is starting to be more receptive, more cheerful, he makes sounds that he didn't make before and I'm amazed every day! And I'm starting to find my peace, to see life differently, to stop being afraid of a new beginning, to stop being afraid of abandonment, and I started to value myself more and love myself more! I'm learning to meditate to release my moods and negative thoughts! Now I know I'm on the right track! I know that there is a lot to solve, but I am sure that my life and that of my family will go on a normal path!! I enjoy every person, path, situation, to overcome my fears, to learn to enjoy life! and I understood that everything comes with a purpose in life! I am getting better and better! and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because there are people like you at NEOS, and may God bless you with health, so that you can continue to help people !🙏🙏🙏" (Message from Mrs. Loredana, mother of Darius with autism syndrome)Baciu Maria Loredana

  17. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family! Darius is now talking, and he is a cheerful, receptive child and last but not least, he is making great progress every day!(Message from Mrs. Loredana, mother of Darius with autism syndrome)Baciu Maria Loredana

  18. "The role of Neos essential oil therapies in people's lives, from my point of view, is to raise the vibrations to a positive level very beneficial to the body and soul, and to purify even the smallest primordial cell and bring benefits on all levels! Ideals from the cell, organs, skin, brain, including the pineal gland that cleans, opens! The soul feels and understands that essential oils can bring many benefits to the planet too! I love essential oils! I love them!❤️”
    Mrs. Liliana's message 

  19. , Cerasela from Bucharest
  20. "I said the first "YES" of 2024!!! 🙂
    BRAVO ME!!!🙂😉👏👏

    I announce with enthusiasm, joy and honor that I have decided to join a soul project, created with soul and faith, which has all the ingredients to change many lives for the better and bring healing, peace, peace, well-being to may we live healthy, happy and fulfill all our wishes!!! 🍀🙏
    I learned the power of flowers, plants and the combination of them from my grandfather... ever since I can remember... "Sulfina" and "Dead Nettle" and "Sunflower" were his favorites... he recommends them always to his patients and friends... and then they came to ask for them themselves (there were many more plants, which he identified, he picked only in certain moments of time and conditions... "I see them"... but I can't name them...) Somehow...we...were very far away from nature and unfortunately, many of us are not at all healthy, energetic and full of life...we don't have children.. .and we don't know which way to go to change things...
    We have so much to discover, about ourselves as human beings, first of all. I have learned and tested so many things in the last 15 years that you can't even imagine, but very few things I would take with me in the future.
    The first 3 things I want to be part of my life forever are:
    1. Belief in Divinity... there is a power much, much greater than us that guides and supervises us... and does MAGIC... if we let it...🙂
    2. The fabulous self-regulating and self-healing capacity of our body... and our mind and soul... We experience MIRACLES every moment... but we don't perceive them... simply because our heart pumps for us or lungs filter air...
    3. Essential oils: the quintessence of healing flowers and plants...🙂...
    In the next 60 years at least... I hope you will accompany me on my journey in nature... in the world of flowers and plants... we will learn, test and apply the newest technologies... old since the world actually.. .
    Today, my journey begins, as NEOS AMBASSADOR in Romania and for Romania!!!
    I tested, I got results and I want to massively improve my LIFESTYLE, BODY, MIND and FREE my SOUL...🙂
    And I want to take you with me on this journey!!!!
    Come on! Let's go! Nicoleta Nitulescu, Roumanie
  21. "The scientist, David Stewart, called essential oils "God's love, manifested in molecules" or "the blood of plants", because they carry nutrients to the plant, restore it and have the role of defending it from predators.
    They take on the same role in our body, when they come into contact with our cells.
    Well, now about Neos, where and why Neos?
    I entered the world of Neos almost two years ago and I am absolutely fascinated and amazed by what I discovered here.
    Testing and using these wonders, starting with cosmetic products, perfumes, but not least, essential oil mixtures (predominantly biblical oils), carefully thought out, elaborated and presented in the final versions - ready to apply - for various health problems and conditions, I have found that they help a lot and support healing in all 5 stages.
    1. Healing the body
    2. Soul (emotional) healing
    3. Release from limiting constraints
    4. Increased spiritual awareness and ability to connect. Here the awareness of unconditional love is made available to us, through this, our healing can be and become complete.
    5. Inspiration to achieve your purpose in life.
    At this stage, we can truly achieve clarity of thought and the courage to move forward.
    In this fifth stage, the fabulous mixed "A NEW BEGINNING" became my guide, which I have to confess to you, that until I successfully completed the other four stages, I could not bear it olfactoryly, proof that I was not ready for that "new beginning".
    I am inclined to believe that including the names of the Neos mixtures, they are divinely inspired.
    As a conclusion, I would state that Neos Oils are the missing link of modern medicine, a chest with an incredible treasure.
    Thank you, with great gratitude and appreciation, to Mrs. Nela Ignatenko, for allowing yourself to be divinely guided by the passion put into the development of products, which will succeed in profoundly changing the lives of many people.
    I will ask the good Lord to shower his blessings on this wonderful gift
    Ms. Avram Daniela's message 
  22. The role of Neos essential oil therapies in people's lives, from my point of view, is to raise the vibrations to a positive level very beneficial to the body and soul, and to purify even the smallest primordial cell and bring benefits on all levels! Ideals from the cell, organs, skin, brain, including the pineal gland that cleans, opens! The soul feels and understands that essential oils can bring many benefits to the planet too! I love essential oils! I love them! Lili Liliana, Roumaine 
  23. The best products!
     The best products! I have never been a fan of essential oils and although I have tried all kinds of famous brands in the hope of increasing my child's immunity! But since I started using Neo's Children's immunity blend, my 3-year-old boy has had no more problems with viruses, bacteria, flu, etc.! It's incredible how much the immune system can support! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for existing and for all the miracles in bottles prepared for us! Andreea Cringus from Brasov 
  24. "Deep down in my soul, fear has always held me captive. An unseen shadow, she lurked in the corners of my mind, influencing every decision, every step I tried to take towards the light of personal fulfillment. Fear, this invisible chain, held me back from following my true passions, from daring to dream. In a world where ignorance and malice seem to rule, I often felt that I was alone in my struggle, shrouded in a fog of doubt and negative feelings.But there was a turning point, a spark of hope ignited by Nela and the team in the NEOS lab. They invited me to open my heart, to listen to its beats, not just as an echo of my life but as a call to courage and change.They showed me that although fear and ignorance are formidable enemies, they can be defeated.
    Through their seminars, I began to understand the power of essential oils, not just as physical remedies, but as a gateway to emotional balance. I learned to breathe, to connect with my deep self, and little by little I began to see the light through the clouds.
    During the seminars, Nela spoke about the power of knowledge, about how, by educating my own mind, I can free myself from the chains of ignorance and direct my steps towards wisdom. Every session, every drop of essential oil, every word shared in the seminar, helped me see that fear doesn't have to be an obstacle, but a challenge that I can overcome.
    On this journey, I learned that self-love and self-belief are the most powerful weapons against fear. I learned to love my fears, not as enemies, but as teachers who urge me to grow, to become stronger, wiser.
    So, dear NEOS community, I now share my story with you, not as a happy ending, but as the beginning of a journey to freedom from fear and discovery of your own potential. Together with Nela and the NEOS team, we took the first step. It is a long road, strewn with challenges, but it is my road to a healthy, long and prosperous life. I invite you to take this step as well, to join us in the journey of overcoming fear, embracing our true selves, and living life to its fullest potential.
    With Love, Mihaela " 
  25. Have a nice day to all of our Neos community. I want to express my infinite gratitude to Dr. Nela Ignatenko for the wonderful product Aknel, which first appealed to me and my husband. We have been using this product for a long time. We have very good experiences with him, me and later, also my acquaintances in Slovakia. Because the use of this product gradually rehabilitates, regenerates, heals, heals our organs and systems, such as reproductive, urogenital, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, immune and central nervous systems, locomotor and skeletal. But, it also opens up in a person his dormant abilities, which he may not even know he has.
    I also fell in love with the Neos Women's Perfume, as well as the Night Elixir for Skin Cleansing and Anti-Wrinkle Serum. Once again I want to thank Dr. Nela and I love to recommend these wonderful products of hers to everyone.
    With respect and love, Anna Nováková from Slovakia. 

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