NEOS OILS THERAPIES in Romania now open. Shipping cut from 45 to 5 EUR for Romania.
  • Keep out of reach of children;
  • Apply according to the instructions received during private consultations or as presented on the website;
  • Avoid contact with eyes;
  • Pregnant women should seek medical advice (NEOS recommends using essential oils starting from the second trimester of pregnancy);
  • Conduct a preliminary test on a small skin area to assess potential individual reactions;
  • Avoid prolonged exposure during diffusion and maintain at least a 1.5-meter distance from the diffuser;
  • Seek medical advice before using essential oils for bronchial asthma, cardiac, and neurovegetative disorders;
  • Use therapies for children under adult supervision;
  • Carefully read the essential oils in the mixtures' composition on the website to avoid using essential oils you are allergic to;
  • Always perform an allergy test before using a new mixture;
  • Consult the NEOS specialist in cases of severe allergies, autoimmune diseases, and various types of cancer;
  • Seek private consultations for neurological diseases in both children and adults;
  • Take into account sun exposure at least 6 hours after applying essential oils to the body;
  • Each product will have, attached to the packaging, the date of mixing in the laboratory;
  • Shelf life of each product:

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