NEOS OILS THERAPIES in Romania now open. Shipping cut from 45 to 5 EUR for Romania.



Eliminating toxins and increasing vitality through aromatherapy and direct application with the synergistic blend of pure essential oils, made in the NEOS laboratory is based on a lot of knowledge about Man and the Universe, the laws of the Universe and the healing power of essential oils.
The antioxidant capacity of the essential oils in the composition (myrtle, lemon grass, tea tree, rosemary, clove) through the citral content acts at the cellular level with an active role in preventing and curing serious diseases!
Easy and pleasant method of eliminating toxins from the body without adverse reactions, the DETOX & VITALITY mix is recommended for all people regardless of age!
NEOS has developed
DETOX & VITALITY for children
Extremely important is the DETOX FOR THE PSYCHIC in this period of great planetary change !
Stress, fear, depression, negative thoughts generate negative emotions and negative emotions generate negative actions ! Negative actions generate illness , suffering , death!

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