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Secrets of Essential Oil Durability: The NEOS Guide to Perfect Storage and Optimal Use

Secrets of Essential Oil Durability: The NEOS Guide to Perfect Storage and Optimal Use

Essential oils are concentrated essences extracted from plants and are valued for their therapeutic properties and distinctive aroma. However, to get the most out of these properties, it is crucial to manage them correctly, as they are susceptible to deterioration through oxidation, a process that gradually reduces their therapeutic efficacy and alters their organoleptic qualities.**Preservation and durability guide for essential oils:****Optimal storage conditions:** To maintain the quality of essential oils...

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When I met Mrs. Nela Ignatenko on Facebook I only knew that she is the wife of Professor Albert Ignatenko and I had no knowledge that she developed with her husband methods of prevention and even cure of diseases with essential oils (all developed in the laboratory with hard work every day) Then I learned about NEOS which includes both essential oils and body care creams all organic.After a dark period in my life from which I got a bad health condition with various uncontrollable emotional states, fears, anxiety, rigidity in movements and thinking I had to take a break at work because I could not continue because of fatigue and exhaustion.Searching for something to relieve my body and soul pain I prayed to the Heavenly Father and the Mother of God to open the way for healing so I found Mrs. Nela and essential oils. I contacted her and asked for an appointment to discuss the problems and receive treatment .   I spoke with Mrs. Nela and explained the conditions I was experiencing at the time including: - poor peripheral circulation; - great muscle pain; - stiffness in my fingers; - strong emotional state; - fears; - blockage of the brain that refuses to receive information e.t.c.  I received a treatment based on mixtures of essential oils that I followed step by step and I still continue with it .I can say that my health has improved quite a lot , I got rid of my fears , pains , I have peace of mind , I sleep much better , the hair on my head has come back , I have more control over my mind and thoughts .  In all this time (after 6 months, that's how long it takes to get a consultation from a doctor in England) I also received a diagnosis for the illnesses on my physical body which are no longer very relevant to me. Through the use of oils I opened the way to connect with the Divine and strengthen the body's immunity, I achieved the unblocking of energy centers, my body is no longer rigid and the lust for life, joy entered my life.I used the oil blends as :   - those for peripheral circulation     -muscle pain     - cellular regeneration     - immunity     - traumas     - acceptance     - inner peace     - hypothyroidism     - hormonal regulation     -Divine Joe ...e.t.cThese wonderful oils besides having an uplifting scent really work on both the physical body and the subtle level .I thank the Mother of God and Divinities for bringing me this wonderful man with a great and evolved soul who comes to our aid with these unique and magnificent essential oils and creams for maintenance and rejuvenation of the skin.I warmly recommend all those who want to improve their health and well-being to turn with great confidence to the help of Mrs. Nela Ignatenko.

Daniela Purcariu

I use oils (11 days) and creams, first of all they are an experimental reality that I personally attest with numerous benefits.I made the best, most perfect choice with :😍*Hair Treatment Oil* which stopped hair loss had the answer on the spot, guaranteed and on time.*😍* The Anti Age-Day Serum Oil I notice how it nourishes in the deepest core of my face with all the vitamins directly inside my cells.😍I'm telling you and writing honestly, (I use after hours morning and night) the oils I've already bought and already use, carry inside:🌺Prosperity,🌺Divine Love,🌺Clarity,🌺Inner Peace,🌺Spirituality,🌺Growth🌺Intellectual Capacity,🌺Blueness and are a good way through which I feel how I set my intention to live in harmony with myself, with those around me , truly free from conflict to the core of being and with a proper, conscious and common sense attitude GUARANTEED!!!!(in this vast web of life as the world is)😍It's like I have found a new solution , a new way I am a clear thinking person , I am heard and responded to- communication is more delicate and I can feel with other light and clear beings.I enjoy all the oils* Oils soothe me, bring healing, it's like I've entered another KINGDOM where God dwells within me, and leads me beyond the dark rivers, where you learn not to generalize rashly, where you learn not to think in terms of black and white, where you learn, and understand not to draw conclusions without evidence.It's clear, that the oils are regulating every space of mind and heart in me right now.❤️🧡💙💛💚I love the oils with devotion , I feel their sweet pulse, I listen to them and wonders await me on so many levels, I love completely and am totally relaxed, light and content aligned with my heart.

Edith Hellen Verinca

Creativity oil , I don't know what it has in its composition but it has a fantasticsmell.itmakes me think of a ZAMBILE MOV❤️.it's absolutely Divine! thank you NEOS teamAwareness: in my therapy with Fear oil put from the top of the head on every energy point including the inside of the elbows, in the back of the head and at the base of the tailbone (I don't know if I expressed it correctly) and the soles of the feet + the rosary, I confess that at the first contact I didn't like the smell, but now after about a month of use the smell delights me I think this is the first sign of the results of this oil, and I still feel more "confident"!This is my experience with FEAR oil at the beginning!It would be great if we have other testimonies on the way to knowledge in the world of Neos oils!thank you with gratitude!

Andreea Geambasu

Good evening, everyone!I am thrilled and honored to be in this MAGIC GROUP with you!!!🙂🙂My name is Nico Nitulescu!Because last night I received wonderful news, I thought I would share my experience with you, maybe it will help!!!About 3 months ago my body slowly, slowly started to have different deficiencies and problems...which added up and gave me great pain both literally and figuratively. But I was lucky enough 3-4 weeks ago to have a chance conversation with Mrs. Nela Ignatenko....So we quickly decided together that the best thing for me was to immediately start several therapies from essential oil blends made after a consultation and thus I started to apply a personalized therapy to heal myself with holistic action: mind , body and soul!One of my problems was elevated uric acid...the problem I was facing for the first time...On Monday, I decided with my doctor that it was time to go on a low purine diet and yesterday I re-ran the test to see where I was starting from and great was my amazement when I saw that my uric acid was at the upper limit of normal, so it was within the range and I didn't need to do anything special....I am very sure that the oils and therapy helped me, as they helped me to reduce my lower back pain....I hope I manage to complete all the treatment and benefit from NEOS blessings going forward!!!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you!!!❤🙏🙏🙏💫🌺

Nicoleta Nitulescu

I am sending you a testimonial following treatment with essential oils and metatherapy - it took a while but the result says a lotThank you NelaThank you NeosOil for gallstonesDetox and Vitality«  « About BUILDING HEALTHY SELF RESPECT: With all due respect; what you wrote really reflects reality.I have reflected deeply andI saw where I went wrong.Thank you so much for raising awareness and putting me back in that state for A New Beginning

Silvia Reghekampf Andronik

I would be interested in: Neurovegetative system purification, Cell regeneration, Balancing energy centers, Asthmatic crisis, Allergies, Emotional balance, Deep and peaceful sleep, Managing emotions in children, Constipation, bloating, Energy protection, Antiviral, Trauma release, Treatment of colds and flu, Cancer therapy, Everything that can be applied on pregnant women, newborns and babies....these are the most common conditions I work with.I would be grateful,if you can share them all,they are VITAL ,everyday.More and more people are suffering, either physically or emotionally and I say they are in great need of our help, this little community.Thank you very much, with gratitude!🙏🙏🙏🙏💞

Avram Daniela

Mrs. Ignatenco, thank you again for the gift you sent. Two nights ago I felt the life draining out of me. I took one of the little bottles on which the writing is not clear, I told you and you explained to me that I should rub it on my forehead, put a few drops on a little piece of cotton near where I sleep and rub it on my feet. This I do very hard because of arthritis. I succeeded on my left sole, only in my other hand I was holding the bottle without the stopper. Some of the oil leaked onto the floor. I almost fainted. I placed both my soles on the spilled oil, oiled myself thoroughly and went to bed. Nothing hurt anymore. I had a peaceful sleep and in the morning I was fine. Excellent products. God help you! Miraculous! All the best in the world!

Pavalescu Mioara

Thank you dear Nela for the wonderful products, I fell in love with them and lovingly recommend💞

Anna Novakova

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