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Happiness- a unique blend of essential oils

Happiness- a unique blend of essential oils

In the perpetual search for happiness, man has explored countless paths, from the most material to the deepest spiritual aspirations. On this journey, we discover that the essence of true joy lies not in the noise of the outside world, but in the sacred stillness of our inner world. Here, in this sanctuary of the soul, a unique blend of essential oils, which we call "HAPPINESS", aims to be the key to a deep and lasting well-being, an elixir of inner harmony that connects us to our purest essence.

The essence of the "HAPPINESS" Mix

"HAPPINESS" is not just a blend of flavours; it is an invitation to an inner journey, a pilgrimage of the soul to its centre, where peace and joy are unlimited. Each drop of this elixir is charged with high vibrations, designed to awaken in us reminiscences of a genuine happiness, which is not conditioned by external circumstances, but is a state of grace emanating from the depths of the being.


 Sacral Composition of "HAPPINESS" Mixture

- Lavender, with its calming vibrations, invites us to step into a space of stillness, where the noises of the world fade away, leaving room for the inner voice to guide us.

- Sweet orange, emanates light and warmth, awakening in us the inner sun, that inexhaustible source of optimism and hope.

- Ylang-Ylang, with its intoxicating essence, opens the doors of the heart, encouraging us to live with passion and love without fear.

- Peppermint, clarifies the mind, bringing a breath of freshness to our thoughts, encouraging us to look at the world with new and wondering eyes.

- Frankincense, a bridge to the divine, reminds us of our eternal connection to the universe, inviting us to find peace in transcending the ego.



We invite every soul in search of happiness to embrace this blend not just as a daily ritual, but as a sacred practice, a moment of reconnection with the higher self. Diffused in the sanctuary of one's home, reverently applied to the skin or added to bathwater, "HAPPINESS" transforms every gesture into a prayer, every breath into a meditation.

This blend is more than a collection of aromas; it is a manifesto of conscious happiness, a tool of inner alchemy that helps us transform the lead of the everyday into the gold of a life lived with meaning and joy. "HAPPINESS" reminds us that true fulfillment is found in the harmony of body, mind and spirit and that every moment is an opportunity to choose joy, cultivate peace and live in the light of our authenticity.

In conclusion, "HAPPINESS" is not just a mixture we want; it is a mixture our soul needs to remember that true happiness is a state of being accessible to all, a journey back home.

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