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NEOS: Harmonising tension through the synergy of science and nature!

NEOS: Harmonising tension through the synergy of science and nature!

NEOS proposes an innovative approach to maintaining blood pressure balance: an exclusive blend of essential oils with a therapeutic role TENSION optimised for use in aromatherapy and direct application.

This natural method is distinguished by a careful application and breathing practice that promotes relaxation and internal balance.

The key to effectiveness also lies in the specific breathing technique recommended by NEOS: a deep inhalation through the nose, held for 6 seconds, followed by a controlled exhalation, also through the nose, for 6 seconds. Repeating this cycle 10 times, several times a day, activates the nervous system in a way that relaxes and balances, leading to rapid and effective regulation of blood pressure.For those who prefer a more direct connection, NEOS suggests applying a few drops of the oil blend directly to the skin, in the heart area, in a slow, counter-clockwise motion during the breath presented.

This method, practiced with intention and care, not only reinforces the relaxing effect of the oils, but also facilitates a deep connection between nature and one's own being.Thus, NEOS offers a holistic and accessible solution for all those in search of inner balance and a natural way to manage blood pressure, reminding us of the simple yet profound power of breath and nature.

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