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NEOS Holistic Therapy for Menopause: Harmonizing Mind, Body and Spirit

NEOS Holistic Therapy for Menopause: Harmonizing Mind, Body and Spirit
Within the NEOS Laboratory, advanced research in the field of alternative therapies has led to the development of an exceptional therapy for women in menopause, a complex stage that involves significant changes both physically, emotionally and spiritually. By integrating scientific knowledge with the ancestral wisdom of essential oils, NEOS proposes a holistic approach aimed at harmonizing and balancing the whole being.
### The Scientific and Spiritual Foundation of Therapy
Menopause is a natural transition in every woman's life, marking the end of the reproductive period. This phase can be accompanied by various symptoms, from hot flashes and mood swings, to insomnia and decreased bone density. NEOS Laboratory's answer to these challenges is a synergistic mix of essential oils designed not only to alleviate physical symptoms, but also to provide emotional and spiritual support.
### The components of the MENOPAUSE Synergic Mix
The proposed therapy is based on the therapeutic properties of the essential oils of:
- **Lavender**: Calms the mind and reduces anxiety.
- **Sage**: Balances hormonal levels, having a positive effect on menopause symptoms.
- **Neroli**: Reduces stress and improves mood.
- **Germace**: Contributes to emotional balancing.
- **Rose**: Helps regulate the endocrine system.
- **Gardenia**: Known for its effects on estrogen levels.
- **Chamomile**: Relaxing, helps fight insomnia.
- **Rosemary**: Stimulates blood circulation and improves concentration.
- **Mint**: Refreshing, helps relieve hot flashes.
-**Calm interior, mixed made in the NEOS laboratory.
### Methods of Application
- **Aromatherapy**: Integrating 10-15 drops of the synergistic mix into a diffuser with 100 ml of water, for 20-25 minute sessions, three times a day, creates an environment conducive to energetic and emotional rebalancing.
- **Body Massage**: A unique formula for massage, combining essential oils with properties to increase estrogen levels and promote a state of calmness and inner peace.
- **Warm Bath**: Adding 10-12 drops of the menopause mix to the warm bath, providing a moment of deep relaxation and symptom relief.
- **Against Hot Flashes**: A special mixture with primrose oil, known for its beneficial effect on hot flashes, represents a natural and effective solution.
NEOS Laboratory's holistic approach to menopause management is a fusion of science and spirituality, offering women a natural and profound therapeutic method. By harnessing the healing power of essential oils, NEOS creates a healing space that respects and honors the complexity of the menopause experience, promoting a harmonious and balanced transition to the next stage of life.
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