NEOS OILS THERAPIES in Romania now open. Shipping cut from 45 to 5 EUR for Romania.



Yes, I have thought to offer you a synergic blend with absolutely divine, uplifting and mystery-filled scents😇

This is a therapy that will succeed if you want to live indeed in the PRESENT, to live the moment NOW, to experience new things NOW, to vibrate with your whole being NOW!

For a healthy and happy life, live NOW THE MOMENTS OF HAPPINESS!


Many people have everything they want, but they are not happy!

Many other people have little in their lives, but they have true joy that comes from deep within their hearts!

I am not a rich woman, but I am very happy and joyful that I can give you lots of joy too through these divine blessings - essential oils, which in the form of the oil blend NOW brings inner happiness - the joy of the soul, even in the most difficult situations. 

In every moment you can find a reason for happiness!

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