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Who can wear stunning décolletage dresses: women who know and the lucky ones (a while)

Who can wear stunning décolletage dresses: women who know and the lucky ones (a while)

At least once a year is the weather of stylish evening dresses, with decolletage that leaves the view tempting curves and smoothness ... But how many women just dreaming at such a show? Because unsuitable or careless, the skin of the neck and the chest will be the first to take revenge and show the real age.

The reality is that, despite the importance of these areas in their general appearance and the fact that they lose their elasticity and go prematurely, few women take care of their fall. Perhaps because there have been few cosmetic brands that have ventured to produce creams for neck and neck skin, perhaps there was little interest and ladies' knowledge about their specifics, we do not know.

But we wanted women to know and do what they needed to be good. So we included in the range of care special neck and décolleté cream taking into account the particularities of these areas.

1. The neck skin is even thinner than the face of the face - we do not stop with chin care!

2. Neck skin has less fat tissue, supporting tissue and deposits lipids, fat-soluble vitamins and water - Increases nutrient intake and moisture levels!

3. The neck skin has fewer sebaceous glands, which produce sebum as the natural moisturizer of the skin - we increase the degree of hydration!

4. The muscles under the skin of the neck are not anchored by the bone structure, but even by the skin, so they will take it together "in the valley" - we also take care of this support structure of the skin through gymnastics and massage!

5. In the best case, the décolleté, very exposed in the hot seasons of harmful UV rays, is not protected or treated differently from any other body, less or not exposed - we offer this complex care!

The cream is formulated to restore firmness, tone and elasticity to the skin and to delay the appearance of unsightly signs of skin relaxation.

How its done

1. Clean!

2. Apply the cream with delicate, smooth, ascending movements from the neck to the neck, then from the median line between the breasts to the shoulders.

3. In the morning and in the evening, a little gymnastics - sitting on the chair, we raise our chin and gently rotate the head to the left 10 times and after a short pause, turn to the right.

4. Neck and neck area needs high oxygenation. The solution is massage. Manual, 2-3 times a week in the evening, when we replace the anti-wrinkle cream with anti-wrinkle serum. And mechanically, in the morning, in the shower, alternating hot and cold water jets.

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