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What's Good To Do At 20, 30, 40, 50 And Over

What's Good To Do At 20, 30, 40, 50 And Over

With all products, procedures, and especially tips that help prevent aging, it is very difficult to separate the reality from advertising efforts to convince. So how do we do in this noisy landscape, where everyone praises the merchandise and promises the sea with salt? Simple: with information from credible sources and mindful of the role played by the genetic heritage (about 50%)! Are we lucky? We have less work to do. Do not we have a good legacy? We work harder to keep our skin as good as possible in all ages.

So today's theme is, "What's good at doing at 20, 30, 40, 50 and over, aside from eating the right thing, sleeping as much as we can and doing any form of sports, that is, putting the blood moving?"

1. Start with what we need to do at any age, as early as possible: sunscreen! Fewer wrinkles, fewer spots, low cancer risk ... the truth must be told!

2. The second fundamental principle would be "little and good" or otherwise "invest (as early as possible) in skin care!". Take it seriously! Avoid products that cost a little less tempting for the simple reason that they can not offer what they promise - behind a formula must be either the power of nature (extracted to preserve its beneficial active principles), or a serious research that seeks to reproduce a molecule or a natural mechanism, research that is never cheap ...

3. The third basic thing is to know the needs of the skin in all ages. We owe this minimum information about our most extensive organ, because it often becomes capricious just because we do not hesitate to understand it.


Here are the stages and priority of each:

20-25 - HYDRATION (recommended product: day cream for all skin types)

25-35 - PREVENTION (recommended product: eye cream with red vine extract)

35-45 - ACTION (recommended product: anti-wrinkle serum for all skin types)

45 + - MENU (recommended product: night elixir for all skin types)

I said the priority, right? Because otherwise, we talk about a mix of care all of life, some of which are priority because they fit the needs of a particular stage.

And do not forget: Healthy, beautiful and thin cheek with NEOS is kept! :)

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