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     THYROID NODULES -prevention and treatment ❗️

    It is known that both thyroid nodules, uterine cysts or polyps as well as uterine fibroids, breast cancer, are caused by increased levels of metabolizing estrogen that is not optimally eliminated from the body.

        NEOS -NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS SECRETS proposes to introduce into your daily routine thyroid nodule mixtures with the role of balancing hormones and stimulating thyroid gland activity.

    The therapy includes two types of synergistic mixtures:

    Thyroid Nodules mix which is used by diffusion (aromatherapy) and Thyroid Nodules mix by direct application on the neck area.

    The mixtures are based on essential oil of incense (a powerful natural anti-inflammatory), lavender, German chamomile, DETOX & VITALITY, INNER CALM and CELLULAR REGENERATION vials.

    Direct application of the essential oil blend is made on a compress, evenly distributed, applied before bedtime and left to work overnight.

    We recommend applying the compress every evening until the inflammation is reduced.

    The best doctor for you is you! Trust me!

You just have to discover your inner strength! If you can't do it yourself, you can count on NEOS for "there is at least one plant that can cure a disease" and holds the SECRET TO HEALTH and BEAUTY 🥰


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