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Today about children's health!

Today about children's health!

Dear parents, dear grandparents, dear friends, let us all think of children (the little ones, schoolchildren, teenagers) are also affected by the stress of this pandemic, by all the changes around them, by everything they see and hear in the mass-media!

Also children get tired and there are days when their powers are weakened. The busy schedule they are subjected to severely affects children's immune and nervous systems.

The family atmosphere, the fight with viruses, the word COVID spoken endlessly, fear, the death of loved ones, social distancing and now the panic and fear of being vaccinated, will have negative effects on children's health!

The power of concentration decreases, the results become unsatisfactory, self-confidence will be a stress for children.

NEOS raises an alarm signal to everyone and welcomes parents with a solution in supporting the emotional health of children and more!

We invite you to confidently use the essential oils for children from NEOS COSMETICS, which through daily therapies will improve the state of inner peace, the functioning of the brain, the increase of the concentration capacities.

NEOS titled this oil MOTHER AND HAPPY CHILD made from BIO vegetable essential oils of rosewood, lime, lavender, coriander, ylang-ylang, myrrh, palmarosa, chamomile, lavender, citrus lemon, eucalyptus, mandarin.

NEOS recommends the use of this oil MOTHER and HAPPY CHILD by diffusion, a safe and very effective method!

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