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The Holistic Approach to Prevention in the Context of New Viral Threats

The Holistic Approach to Prevention in the Context of New Viral Threats

The role of Aromatherapy and body massage with the mixtures made in the NEOS laboratory
The importance of a holistic approach in preventing public health threats, especially in the context of the potential emergence of new viruses, including genetically modified ones.
NEOS will propose the introduction of essential oil mixtures into the daily routine for children and adults, a safe way to prevent and easily achieve the rehabilitation of the body.
NEOS emphasizes the use of aromatherapy and body massage as part of a preventive strategy, with reference to the therapeutic essential oil blends proposed in its own laboratory.
The current global health context is marked by the continuous emergence of new challenges, including the emergence of potentially genetically modified viruses.
In this framework, preventive approaches become essential. Aromatherapy and body massage, using antiviral and immune boosting essential oil blends can provide an effective means of increasing vitality and reducing the risk of infection.
Aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils extracted from plants, has been studied for its immunomodulatory and antiviral properties. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, and lavender have shown efficacy in boosting immunity and inhibiting certain viral strains in laboratory studies.
The NEOS laboratory proposes mixtures such as "Increasing Immunity", "Detox & Vitality", "Antibiotic", "Antiviral" and "Inner Strength". They are created based on combinations of essential oils with properties known to support health by increasing the inner force of healing and well-being.


Clinical and experimental studies reveal the immunomodulatory and therapeutic potential of essential oils. For example, eucalyptus and tea tree have demonstrated antimicrobial properties, while lavender and ylang-ylang can have relaxing effects and reduce stress, a factor known to negatively influence the immune system.
The integration of aromatherapy and massage with synergistic mixtures of essential oils with a therapeutic role made in the NEOS laboratory represents a safe way of prevention and healing!
A few drops in the warm evening bath from the "Antiviral" or "Vitality" mixture will make the difference to a speedy recovery!

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