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Energetic Harmonization through Essential Oil Therapies!

Energetic Harmonization through Essential Oil Therapies!
The NEOS laboratory, known for its innovative approach to alternative therapies, offers us a profound method of energy harmonization involving the use of essential oils. Focusing on balancing the solar plexus and the navel, NEOS proposes a simple but highly effective technique to counteract stress and negative influences in our daily lives.
 Step 1: Using the Protect My Family Synergy Blend
The first step in this therapy is to apply the Protect My Family Synergistic Blend to the wrists. This essential oil blend, created by NEOS, is designed to provide protection and strengthen the immune system, preparing the body for a deep healing experience. Gently rubbing the wrists activates the therapeutic properties of the blend, facilitating their absorption and circulation throughout the body.
Step 2: Solar Plexus and Navel Massage
After applying the oil and a few correct breathing exercises, focus on the solar plexus and navel - vital regions for our energy balance. Covering these areas with the palm of your hand and massaging gently, counter-clockwise, helps to release tension and neutralize negative energies. This practice stimulates the solar plexus, considered a major energy centre responsible for absorbing and distributing energies in the body, improving overall well-being. 
NEOS Philosophy: Prevention Through Personalised Therapy
The NEOS Laboratory places a strong emphasis on health prevention through the use of personalized essential oil therapies. The Protect My Family blend and the solar plexus and navel massage technique are just part of the holistic approach promoted by NEOS. In a world full of stress and disruptive factors, these practices provide a protective shield and a means of regaining inner balance.
The NEOS Lab distinguishes itself by creating therapies that not only address the symptoms but also the root causes of energy imbalances, promoting holistic health. In this context, NEOS does not market simple essential oils but creates complex therapeutic solutions, using pure, certified organic products from accredited producers, thus guaranteeing the purity and effectiveness of the therapies offered.
So by combining traditional knowledge with modern innovations, the NEOS Laboratory offers a path to healing and harmony, emphasising the importance of prevention and personalised care. By adopting this method of essential oil therapy, we can improve our resilience to stress and negative influences, rediscovering the natural balance of body and mind. Armed with "Protect My Family" and the NEOS recommended massage technique, each of us can take significant steps towards a healthier and more harmonious life.
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