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A new week of love, harmony and prosperity

A new week of love, harmony and prosperity
🌟 **Enrich your Aura with Love and Light** 🌟
Every day, your astral body and energy centers are subject to stress and tension. Why not give yourself some time to heal and revitalize?
Enjoy a unique bath experience that will purify and balance your aura!
Add a few drops of NEOS: Detox and Vitality essential oils to your bath water and let the magic begin.
πŸ’« **Deep Detoxification**: Detox Essential Oil will help you detoxify your astral body and eliminate accumulated negativity.
🌈 **Energetic Balancing**: Your energy centers will be aligned and balanced, bringing harmony into your life.
πŸ’† **Total Relaxation**: Your muscles will relax as you enjoy the feeling of peace and tranquility.
🌞 **Tone Boost**: When you feel tired, add a drop or two of Vitality to your hand wash to instantly lift your tone.
✨ **Pure Essential Oils**: Produced in NEOS laboratories, Detox and Vitality essential oil therapies are 100% natural and pure, with no chemicals or artificial flavors.
This bathing experience with NEOS essential oils is a pampering experience for body and soul. Discover their healing power and rediscover the true radiance of your aura.
Turn every bath into a ceremony of purification and revitalization. Start today and bring the magic of NEOS into your life!

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