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NEOS will propose Holistic Detoxification: A Road to Complete Health.

In a world where stress, pollution and lifestyle choices can affect our well-being, the concept of detoxification has gained new meaning.
It's no longer just about eliminating physical toxins, but also about purifying the mind and soul.
Neos brings to your attention a complete detox programme designed to help you regain balance at any age.

Listen to your body: The Alarm Signal
Often, our bodies send us signals that something isn't working right. Whether it's chronic fatigue, discomfort or even regrets about choices like vaccinations or medical treatments, these signs should not be ignored. Holistic detoxification starts with recognising and listening to these signals.

Mind-Body-Soul Detoxification
The complete detox proposed by Neos is not limited to diet or physical cleansing. It also includes mind and soul aspects. The mind is detoxified through aromatherapy meditation techniques, mindfulness and by eliminating negative thoughts.
The soul is cleansed through spiritual practices using NEOS therapy of biblical essential oils that reconnect you with your essence and the universe.

Learn to Listen to Yourself
Central to this type of detox is learning to listen to yourself.
Your heart and body know what natural medicines they need. By connecting with your inner soul, you can learn to interpret the signs and choose the path that brings you health and happiness.

Complete Detox: A Long-Term Commitment
Opting for a full detox is more than a spur-of-the-moment decision; it's a long-term commitment to your health at any age. It's an ongoing process that requires dedication and discipline, but promises deep and lasting transformation.

The holistic detox offered by Neos is a bold step towards a full life .
Through an integrated mind-body-soul health approach, you can unlock endless potential for vitality and well-being.
It's time to listen to your body, heal your soul and free your mind by embracing a lifestyle that supports you in being the best version of yourself.

This therapy comprises two synergistic blends of essential oils for detox and vitality, used through aromatherapy, and synergistic blends for body massage, DETOX which is applied to the whole body daily and Cellular Regeneration which is applied to key areas of the body (spine, solar plexus, soles of the feet).
Foot baths in hot water with bicarbonate to which a few drops of Detox & Vitality are added, recommended two to three times a week, complete this purification process, while adopting a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, adequate hydration and activities that promote well-being, reinforce the effects of detoxification.
During the detoxification period NEOS recommends several light and prolonged breathing sessions per day, walking in nature, 432MHZ music, light massage of the solar plexus 2-3 times/day and abdomen before bedtime with DETOX mix.
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