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Strengthening the Immune System in Children Under 3years: The NEOS Holistic Approach

Strengthening the Immune System in Children Under 3years: The NEOS Holistic Approach

At a crucial time for the development of the immune system, NEOS proposes an integrated strategy to strengthen the immunity of children aged 7 months to 3 years. This approach is based on the conscious and informed use of aromatherapy, alongside tailored body massage, to support the formation of a robust immune system that can withstand challenges.
The Importance of Building Immunity in the Early Years Ani❗️
A child's immune system, in the process of maturing in the first three years of life, needs support to develop in a strong and balanced way. To this end, NEOS brings to attention a synergistic blend of essential oils in a unique formula of chamomile, coriander, lavender, tea tree and geranium, specially selected for their beneficial properties on children's health.
Using Aromatherapy and Massage to Boost Immunity
To maximise the benefits of this synergistic mix, NEOS recommends two main methods, tailored to the needs of children under 3years:

- **Aromatherapy**: Use a diffuser with 4-6 drops of oil in 100 ml of water, placed at least 2 metres away from the child's sleeping or play area. This method ensures safe and effective exposure to the therapeutic properties of essential oils, helping to create an environment conducive to strengthening immunity.
- **Body Massage**: NEOS offers a synergistic "Mother and Baby" blend designed to provide a relaxing and invigorating massage before bedtime. The composition includes chamomile, lavender, lemon, coriander and myrrh.
Applied to the spine, soles, abdomen and arms, this blend not only relaxes the baby, but also helps boost the immune system. For more restless children, a full body massage once a week can bring additional benefits, including improved sleep quality.

Continuation of the Immunity Strengthening Strategy
By adopting these practices, NEOS aims to provide a comprehensive solution for strengthening children's immune systems, combining science with natural and holistic approaches. It is essential that parents are informed and work with specialist therapists or paediatricians to personalise and optimise the use of these methods, ensuring the best results for their children's health.
Through the synergistic blend of essential oils and recommended aromatherapy and massage practices, NEOS is committed to supporting families in their quest to ensure a strong foundation for children's immune health. In a world where health challenges are increasingly complex, a preventative approach and natural immune system support are becoming essential for the long-term well-being of young children. NEOS invites all families to explore the power and gentleness of aromatherapy as an integral part of a healthy and harmonious life.

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