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Guide to body and soul ailments treated with NEOS Aromatherapy oils

Guide to body and soul ailments treated with NEOS Aromatherapy oils

The sufferings of the body, of the soul, are heavier with each passing day due to global change!
Human health is seriously affected by stress, pandemics, fear, disease, poverty, climate change, wars, the avalanche of negative information constantly presented by the mass media!
But even worse is the lack of conscience, faith, love, forgiveness, solidarity, justice and truth!
NEOS COSMETICS intervenes NOW for the FUTURE and proposes a series of natural remedies for health, beauty, energy balancing, vibration raising absolutely necessary in the fight against viruses!We present a guide to the body and soul ailments for which NEOS can intervene to treat them with essential oils through Aromatherapy, massage, facial and body treatments!
Essential oils trigger an immediate response in our mind and emotions that reach the olfactory receptors that are in close connection with the limbic system responsible for smell, emotions and human behaviour.
-ANXIETY ; products based on lavender, jasmine, sandalwood;
-APHRODISIAC; products based on paciuli, sage, ylang ylang, bergamod;
Keep smiling even when the heart is broken by pain and injustice!
Discover your inner power and strength to be healthy and happy!
I wholeheartedly offer you a smile along with the gift of my faith NEOS πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
Nela Ignatenko

-GOOD MOOD; products based on jasmine, sandalwood, cinnamon;
- CLARITY IN IDEAS; products based on orange, lavender, basil, marjoram;
-CONCENTRATION; products based on cypress, thyme, orange, rose, hyssop;
-CONSCIOUSNESS- products based on basil, pepper, mint, rosemary;
-CREATIVITY- products based on hyssop, pine, jasmine, sage;
- DEPRESSION; products based on spruce, pine; frankincense;
-COSMIC ENERGY; incense products; myrrh, basil;
-NERVOUS EXHAUSTION ; products based on cinnamon, basil, lemon, patchouli;
-RAGE; products based on cedar, jasmine, rose, rosemary, sage, bergamot;
-INNER STRENGHT; products based on ylang ylang, chamomile, jasmine, rosemary;

-MELANCOLY; products based on rose, sweet chestnut, willow, walnut;
-MEMORY; products based on coriander, cloves, juniper, basil, rose;
-OBSESSIONS; products based on incense, marjoram, sandalwood;
-PESIMISM; products based on frankincense, mint, lavender, lemon, grapefruit;
-PROSPERITY; products based on cinnamon, paciuli, orange, cloves;
-PATIENCE; products based on chamomile, lavender, lemon, mint;
-SEXUALITY; products based on rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, Indian cumin;
DEEP AND QUIET SLEEP- products based on cedar, geranium, sweet orange, lavender.
-FEAR; products based on cedar, ylang ylang, mandarin, thyme, sage;
-VITALITY; products based on vanilla, rosemary, pine, spruce, lemon, musk.

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