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Harmony and Energy through massage and aromatherapy with the VITALITY mix

Harmony and Energy through massage and aromatherapy with the VITALITY mix

NEOS Laboratory redefines the paradigm of vitality by introducing an innovative essential oil blend designed to stimulate the body and mind, promoting holistic well-being. This elixir of vitality combines precious essences for aromatherapy and massage, each meticulously selected for its unique revitalizing properties.

Essentials of Aromatherapy for Vitality

To address the complex needs of the body and mind, NEOS has created an aromatherapy formula that includes vanilla, rosemary, pine, lemon, fir, geranium, frankincense, mandarin, lemongrass, magnolia, mint and cedar. These essential oils are chosen for their ability to stimulate focus, energize the body, strengthen inner strength and bring good mood, fighting fatigue and stimulating the mind to generate positive emotions, joy, confidence and optimism.

Massage Formula: A Sensory Journey

Completing the revitalizing experience, NEOS offers a selection of essential oils for massage, including thyme, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon, cedar, lavender, myrrh, basil and evening primrose, enriched with a few drops of the "Interior Calm and Peace of Soul" essence. This formula is intended to deeply relax and stimulate physical vitality, reducing anxiety and increasing self-esteem. 

A Revitalized Life with NEOS

The NEOS Lab provides the tools to navigate daily challenges with energy, focus and optimism. By adopting these therapies, we empower ourselves to take control of our vitality, opening the door to a life full of vitality, confidence and inner peace.

In other words, the vitality blend created by NEOS is a bridge to balance and energy, recharging you with focus and inner strength, brightening your mood and opening the gates of creativity. It acts as a balm for the soul and body, invoking positive emotions, confidence and radiant optimism. It's the daily elixir that transforms fatigue into vitality, fears into courage, and doubts into certainties, embracing you with pure joy and giving you the drive to follow your dreams, all while boosting your self-esteem and dissipating the shadows of anxiety.

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