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Healing the Spirit for Healing the Body

Healing the Spirit for Healing the Body
 On the NEOS agenda,
 NOW for the FUTURE:
 Healing the Spirit for Healing the Body
 In the view of NEOS, the Medicine of the future is vital to be characterized by an approach that transcends traditional treatments based exclusively on drugs and physical interventions. Instead, the doctor will become a philosopher and a teacher, whose main objective will be to PREVENT and maintain health by cultivating a HEALTHY SPIRIT. A genuine doctor will guide patients to develop their moral and spiritual principles, understanding that a happy heart and a balanced spirit are essential for physical health.
 Preventive Medicine: Principles and Benevolence
 In this new medical paradigm, education and prevention will take center stage. The doctor of the future will teach people about the importance of cheerfulness, kindness, noble deeds, love and kindness, all of which have a profound impact on both the body and the spirit. Thus, health will no longer be perceived only as the absence of disease, but as an integral state of well-being, in which emotional and spiritual factors play a crucial role.
 Self-healing and the Power of the Spirit
 As our understanding of the divine laws of life deepens, each individual will become his own physician, using the powers of the spirit to maintain and restore health by calling upon the healing power of nature. This aligns with the teachings of ancient philosophers, such as Plato, who stated that our reality is created by our spirit and therefore can be changed by transforming it.
 Negative Thoughts: The First Symptoms of Evil
 An essential aspect of this new medical perspective is the recognition of the influence of thoughts and emotions on health. It is imperative to know the methods of changing negative thoughts, which are the first symptoms of evil, attacking the body, mind and soul. Therefore, healing the spirit becomes imperative to healing the body.
 Vibration and Change
 Understanding that "everything is vibration" brings a paradigm shift in the way we perceive health and illness. Every thought, emotion and action contributes to our vibrational frequency, thus influencing our overall health. The doctor of the future will teach patients to connect with positive and uplifting frequencies, thus facilitating natural self-healing processes.
 The true healer of the third millennium will be a spiritual guide and educator, dedicated not only to the treatment of disease, but also to the cultivation of holistic health by harmonizing body and spirit. This holistic and preventive approach will redefine medicine, bringing it closer to the human essence and the divine laws of life.
 NEOS provides a safe path for the third millennium: 
 THERAPIES prevention and healing with synergistic mixtures made from pure essential oils, with a therapeutic role.
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