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"Energy is an eternal delight" William Blake

"Energy is an eternal delight" William Blake

    Let's connect to the wisdom of the UNIVERSE!

    Let's get COSMIC ENERGY!

    Gentle massage with 2 drops on the top of the head of the synergistic blend of essential oils COSMIC ENERGY will make the difference to a day full of energy and vitality.

    Health is the thought that must come first in our emotions, in our relationships, in our activity, in our words!

    Introducing NEOS synergistic blends into your daily routine is a return to the source of happiness, to our soul, a safe alternative to cure diseases even where modern medicine has no cure 🙏🏻

    Extremely important is PREVENTION in this time of wars, chemical attacks, new pandemics, FEAR, STRESS.

It has been shown that some bacteria, viruses, become resistant to antibiotics but with a supplement of essential oils you can shorten the duration of drug treatment but also avoid !

    It is known that for a number of diseases there is no drug treatment.

    I recommend the INCREASE IMMUNITY  , the synergistic mix made for adults but also the formula for children , diffused in the room or direct application a few times a day to the wrists, nose, neck, forehead, behind the neck.


        THE DAY YOU'RE NOT AFRAID, FEARFUL of anyone and anything!

    I discovered this day in the hardest time of my life , after more than 50 years, and with love and gratitude I will share the secrets of essential oil therapies with my peers!

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