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Youth Without Oldnesse

Youth Without Oldnesse

"Youth Without Oldnesse" massage oil represents a remarkable innovation in skin care, having an active role in restoring damaged DNA. With a complex and concentrated formula, this oil is designed to gently remove damaged cells, thus reducing the cellular oxidation process.
This wonderful mix contains essential oils of thyme, citrus, rosemary, frankincense, patchouli, niauli, basil, rose, vitamin E, lavender, Smyrna, argan, wheat germ, almonds, grape seeds. 

By using a composition rich in powerful antioxidants such as essential oil of thyme, lemon clove, orange, frankincense, argan, lavender and vitamin E, this massage oil acts as a protective shield against oxidative stress. By penetrating the deep layers of the skin, it supports cell regeneration and helps reduce the visible signs of aging, providing a feeling of softness and suppleness.

"Youth Without Oldnesse" offers a refreshing massage experience that not only relaxes the muscles, but also supports the health of the skin. As an essential ally in the fight against the negative effects of the environment, this massage oil is ideal for achieving a youthful glow and an even skin texture.

Surround yourself with the subtle aroma and embrace the regenerating power of "Youth Without Oldnesse" to feel revitalized and refreshed at the cellular level.

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