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Care and protection for every beginning: Guardian Angel of Children, light and guide in the miracle of life!
At the heart of every new life, an angel watches with gentleness and love. This angel, guardian of innocence and purity, spreads its protective wings over any new beginning, whether we are talking about the arrival of a newborn, the opening of a new chapter in our life or the blossoming of a new relationship. Its divine role is to envelop us in an emanation of peace and safety, ensuring that each beginning receives the care and attention it needs to thrive.
This special angel, the Protector of Children, is the manifestation of unconditional love. He is with us to remind us to care for and protect our own inner innocence and purity. By his presence, we are reminded to look at the world with the eyes of a child, full of wonder and openness. 

The Protector of Children not only watches over the little ones, but is also a guide for every soul going through changes or new beginnings. Whether it's assisting with childbirth, supporting personal development or embracing new challenges, this angel is there to give us courage and guide our steps.
At the same time, it is a source of healing for the deep wounds of the soul, caused by the lack of love or painful experiences of the past. He helps us to free ourselves from the burdens that weigh down our hearts, encouraging us to find inner peace and quiet.
Invoking the Children's Guardian Angel in the unique aromas of the DISCOVER THE CHILD IN YOU essential oil blend made in the NEOS laboratory brings us closer to recognizing and accepting the part of us that wants to be loved and protected. He teaches us to value and protect all that is new and vulnerable in our lives, to keep our spirit young and open to new experiences. 

Through communion with this angel, our relationships, projects and all beginnings are blessed, ensuring that every step we take is surrounded by divine love and protection. The Guardian Angel of Children is a testimony of the faith that, regardless of our age or stage of life, we are always accompanied and guided with love on our way.

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