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NEOS - The Lighthouse of Healing in the Harmony of Holistic Health

NEOS - The Lighthouse of Healing in the Harmony of Holistic Health

NEOS Laboratory, an innovative leader in the field of essential oil therapies, is not only a promoter of integrated health, but also a guiding beacon in the contemporary medical world❗️
With a holistic and respectful approach to traditional medicine, NEOS distinguishes itself by using essential oils of the highest quality, accompanied by certificates from manufacturers and attested by competent institutions, to offer therapies adapted to the needs of both children with neurological conditions and adults with various health problems.
CHILDREN on the NEOS agenda!!!
Adapted and Complementary Therapies
NEOS focuses on the special needs of children with conditions such as autism, Duchenne, Rett and Coffis Sirius, creating synergistic mixtures that support brain activity, physical and intellectual development. At the same time, NEOS offers therapeutic solutions for adults suffering from severe emotional disorders , such as depression and anxiety.
Insomnia is also a major problem, but also in this case NEOS contributes to the restoration of deep and quality sleep through aromatherapy with synergistic mixtures for both adults and children.
NEOS - A Lighthouse of Truth and Justice in a world of misinformation❗️
NEOS Laboratory is not just a therapy provider, but a beacon fighting for truth and justice in healthcare. She promotes transparency and ethics in the use of essential oils, guiding her patients through the complex world of health with a light of hope and clarity.


Hope and the Power of Healing!
NEOS is a beacon that lights the way to healing, proving that healing is possible in every moment, as long as there is faith in the power of healing. ❗️
Each therapy is a step toward mind-body-soul balance, offering a natural, side-effect-free alternative to improving health and well-being.
Respect for Patient Autonomy!
NEOS encourages each individual to make informed decisions regarding the care of their own health or the health of their child. ❗️
This philosophy respects the patient's right to choice and autonomy, supporting personal decisions regarding health and care.❗️
The NEOS Laboratory is a beacon of hope and wisdom in the world of health. With its holistic approach, NEOS merges science and spirituality, providing a luminous path to better health and living. It is a reliable partner for those looking for complementary and natural solutions in harmony with traditional medicine.

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