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Regulating the Hormonal System: NEOS Innovation in Aromatherapy and Massage

Regulating the Hormonal System: NEOS Innovation in Aromatherapy and Massage

In a world where balance is the key to well-being, hormone regulation plays a central role in maintaining overall health. Hormones, our body's chemical messengers, influence nearly every vital process, from regulating metabolism and reproductive function to mood and energy levels. The NEOS laboratory, a leader in innovative natural solutions, proposes a revolutionary approach for harmonizing the hormonal system through the power of aromatherapy and massage.

NEOS Master Formula: Synergy of Nature and Science

Recognizing the extraordinary power of nature in the delicate regulation of hormonal balance, NEOS has created an exclusive formula, combining essential oils such as copaiba, frankincense, cedar, bergamot, frankincense (clary sage), rosewood, clove, ylang-ylang (ignana), and black spruce. This carefully balanced composition is intended not only to relax the mind and body, but also to support the hormonal system in a natural and effective way. 

- Copaiba is valued for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
- Frankincense contributes to emotional balance and has beneficial effects on immunity.
- Cedar and bergamot provide mental clarity and reduce stress, important factors in hormone regulation.
- Turmeric is renowned for its ability to balance female hormone levels.
- Rosewood, cloves, ylang-ylang and black spruce complement the formula with relaxing properties, improving overall well-being. 

Integrating Therapy into the Annual Routine

NEOS recommends including this therapy in the annual routine, suggesting the bimodal application of the formula: through aromatherapy and body massage. Whether you choose spring and fall for cleansing and revitalization or summer and winter for soothing and strengthening, these hormone therapy sessions can become essential rebalancing points throughout the year.


Diffusion of this unique formula in the living or working space not only perfumes the environment with pleasant aromas, but also helps to subtly regulate the hormonal balance. This simple yet profound process allows each woman to reconnect with her body's natural rhythms. 

Body Massage

Massage with this exclusive NEOS formula is a transformative experience, facilitating the direct absorption of essential oils through the skin, thus accelerating the therapeutic benefits. By stimulating circulation and relaxing the body, massage contributes to better hormonal regulation, providing a sense of inner harmony and balance.

NEOS makes a call to Harmony and Balance, an open call to all women, regardless of age, to embrace the power of nature in regulating the hormonal system. NEOS therapies, by combining ancestral wisdom with modern research, offer a way to live in harmony with one's body, celebrating cyclicity and balance as the foundation of health and happiness. Integrating these practices into the annual routine is not only an act of self-care, but also a rediscovery of the deep connection between us and the natural rhythms of life.

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