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In the ongoing search for balance and well-being, NEOS brings to the fore the fundamental importance of sleep to the holistic health of the individual. Recognizing the essential role that deep, restful sleep plays in maintaining mental, emotional and physical balance, NEOS has developed an innovative synergistic formula designed to improve sleep quality.
This aromatic blend, composed of rose, bergamot, pine, frankincense, lavender, basil and chamomile essences, along with the exclusive addition of 'calm inner' essence, is designed to create an atmosphere of deep peace and relaxation. Diffusion of this composition in the bedroom about an hour before bedtime prepares the mind and body for restful sleep, facilitating the transition to rest.
DEEP & QUIET SLEEP sinergic mix contains: chamomile, bergamot, mandarin, vetiver, cedar, geranium, orange, lavender, inner calm NEOS synergistic mix.
CALM INTERIOR sinergic mix contains: ylang-ylang, chamomile, jasmine, ylang-ylang, myrtle, frankincense, lavender. 

The benefits of quality sleep are well documented in the scientific literature, with significant implications for overall health, including improved cognitive function, cellular regeneration, balancing the hormonal system and strengthening the immune system. By integrating this synergistic mix into your daily routine, NEOS offers a natural and pleasant solution for combating sleep disorders and promoting lasting well-being.

Adopting this nightly ritual transcends simple aromatherapy, becoming a "magic" accessible to everyone, a daily practice that paves the way to the discovery of a deep and restful sleep. The experience of those who have incorporated the NEOS synergistic mixture into their evening life reflects not only an improvement in the quality of sleep, but also a positive influence on the quality of life in general.
NEOS continues its mission to improve health and well-being through natural solutions, arguing that perfect balance can be achieved by harmonizing all aspects of life. The Synergistic Blend for Peaceful Sleep is more than a product; it is an invitation to a more balanced, healthier and more fulfilling life.

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