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NEOS: Stimulating the Intellect Through Aromatherapy and Mind-Body-Soul Harmony

NEOS: Stimulating the Intellect Through Aromatherapy and Mind-Body-Soul Harmony

In the ever-changing world of knowledge and innovation, intellectual capacity plays a critical role. At NEOS, we have developed a special blend of essential oils designed to improve clear thinking, focus and memory.

🌿 Mixed NEOS for Intellectual Capacity
Based on the principles of aromatherapy and accumulated scientific knowledge, we have created a blend that includes rosemary, basil, mint, sage, lemon, cumin, rose and ginger. These essential oils are known for their properties of stimulating brain activity and improving cognitive functions.

🌀 The Holistic Approach in Stimulating the Intellect
In the NEOS view, the growth of intellectual capacity is not limited to the physical aspect of the brain, but also includes the harmony between mind, body and soul. By combining aromatherapy with correct breathing exercises and proper nutrition, we offer a holistic approach that contributes to better oxygenation of the brain and maximum efficiency of cognitive functions.
Neos recommends the mixtures made in its own laboratory: 

Increasing intellectual capacity: rosemary, basil, mint, sage, lemon, cumin, rose, ginger, grapefruit, orange, citron.
Memory: basil, coriander, clove, pine, rosemary, citrus, rose, myrtle, mint. 

✨ Different Mixtures for Different Ages
Aware that needs vary according to age, we have developed different formulas of our mixes, adapted for each age group. From graft and orange for the young, to citrus and lemon green for the older, each blend is designed to maximize intellectual potential.

🌟 The Role of Aromatherapy in Cognitive Stimulation
Aromatherapy, through NEOS blends, plays a vital role in cognitive stimulation. Essential oils, when diffused and accompanied by correct breathing techniques, help to clarify thinking and improve concentration, thus providing a significant boost to intellectual functions.

A Path to Balance and Performance
At NEOS, we are committed to providing not only therapeutic solutions, but also a path to a profound balance between mind, body and soul. Our brain enhancement blends exemplify our commitment to providing a holistic approach, combining science and spirituality for a more fulfilling and performing life.

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