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NEOS Essential Oils: An Olfactory Journey to Inner Strength and Mind & Spirit Balance

NEOS Essential Oils: An Olfactory Journey to Inner Strength and Mind & Spirit Balance
In a world full of challenges, NEOS essential oils provide an olfactory refuge that encourages us to learn, grow and transform. Each blend is designed not only to bring physical benefits, but also to help us navigate life's seas with greater wisdom and courage.
**Inner Strength**: Like life's lessons that teach us to look people in the eye and stand up to injustices, our Inner Strength oil blend blends strong aromas like cedar and vetiver, tamarisk and bergamot to help us stand tall and be sure of ourselves.
**Relax & Acceptance**: In moments of crying and longing or difficult situations, the lavender, myrtle, a few drops of Interior Calm and ylang-ylang oils in this blend help us find inner peace, accepting and releasing emotions.
**Vitality**: When we feel like we're losing our energy and work force, this invigorating blend of citrus, a few drops of Inner Strength and mint refreshes us and gives us the power to keep going.
**Prosperity**: For the moments when we feel the need to move forward and leave behind what no longer serves us, our blend of cinnamon, rose, jasmine and patchouli scented oils opens the way to abundance and success.
**Cosmic Energy**: A celestial blend with notes of sandalwood and incense that connects us with the energy of the universe and strengthens our spirit on life's journey.
**Divine Love**: This blend of rose, biblical oils and jasmine helps us open our hearts, give and receive unconditional love, teaching us the value of compassion and genuine love.
**Mind & Spirit**: For moments of introspection and spiritual searching, this blend of sage, betgamota, a few drops of Spirituality and chamomile clears our mind and aligns our spirit.
Every drop of NEOS essential oil is an invitation to live consciously, find our inner strength and align with the rhythm of the universe. Let's remember that no matter the obstacles, we are capable of learning, growing and transforming. With NEOS, every breath is a step towards a stronger and more balanced version of ourselves.
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