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NEOS Therapy for Chronic Constipation

NEOS Therapy for Chronic Constipation
On the NEOS agenda: Chronic Constipation
Holistic Approach with Therapeutic Essential Oils
Chronic constipation, a common medical condition, is characterized by difficulties in intestinal transit, affecting the quality of life. From a medical-scientific point of view, it can be caused by various factors, such as low-fiber diets, dehydration, or intestinal motility disorders.
On the other hand, the NEOS approach considers chronic constipation not only a physical condition, but also a manifestation of emotional and spiritual imbalances. From this perspective, physical blockages can be closely related to emotional blockages, with stress and anxiety being major contributing factors.
**NEOS Therapy for Chronic Constipation**
NEOS intensive therapy combines principles from aromatherapy and massage, offering a holistic treatment. A synergistic mix of essential oils containing thyme, basil, coriander, tangerine and macadamia, enriched with a few drops of the NEOS digestion mix, is gently applied to the left side of the colon, in downward movements. This combination is designed to stimulate intestinal motility and relax smooth muscle.
In addition, it is recommended to apply warm compresses to the abdomen, using a mixture of essential oils with marjoram, rosemary and patchouli. This method helps to reduce abdominal tension and promote a state of relaxation, thus helping to relieve the symptoms of chronic constipation.
The NEOS approach combines scientific knowledge with holistic practices, recognizing that healing chronic constipation requires attention to the body as well as the mind and soul. This article aims to provide a comprehensive perspective on chronic constipation, illustrating how NEOS alternative therapies can be integrated into the management of this common but often neglected symptom.
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